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Danny Clifton

After transforming his own lifestyle and health, Dan felt the need to ‘preach what he practised’. From obese to 10% body fat, he knows what it takes to make what may seem impossible a reality!

What does the Lab as a brand represent to you?

Here there is no BS, you train hard using proven methods along with our knowledge and experience you get the results you came for.

What’s the best part of being a Personal Trainer to you?

The best part for me is knowing you have the ability to help people better their health and live happier lives.

Your gym playlist would include what type of music?

When training I like to go in!! So, anything with a heavy beat or a big dirty donk.

One fun fact about yourself?

Apparently, I have a permanent nipple on. 🙈😂

What’s your favourite film?

Any of the Rocky films

Any of the Marvel / Avengers films

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