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Joe Neill

Professional athlete turned Personal Trainer, Joe has 6 years experience in the industry.

With an ‘ethical and evidence based approach’ you’ll no doubt bring the inner nerd out of Joe during your sessions!

What does the Lab as a brand represent to you?

A personal setting, created with client experience at the forefront. The staff are committed and friendly, on top of that provide some of the best coaching in the city!

What’s the best part of being a Personal Trainer to you?

Educating clients. I like nothing more than removing unhealthy habits, stigmas and methods helping to create a happier, healthier life.

Your gym playlist would include what type of music?

Plenty of Hip Hop, a little dance and the odd bit of everything else

One fun fact about yourself?

As an ex professional MMA fighter I was coined the nickname ‘The Artist’ by a Training partner. Sounds good yeah? Well it was because I drew my first 2 fights 😂

What’s your favourite film?

Got to be a toss up between Hurricane, John Q and Mean Girls

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