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Rachel Cornett

Inspiring and as friendly as they come, our female only personal trainer Rachel incorporates a mixture of body weight and weight based exercises to ensure you get the most from each and every session.

A former dancer Rachel has an eye for the technical aspects of exercise, so be sure to keep your form on point when she’s around.

What does the Lab as a brand represent to you?

The Lab to me represents a team of motivated individuals coming together to help improve the quality of people’s lives through health and fitness. We’re all lead by example and practise what we preach 💪

What’s the best part of being a Personal Trainer to you?

To me the best part of being a personal trainer is building a women’s self-confidence, making them feel good about themselves and comfortable in their own skin. I love my Job it’s so rewarding being a part of people’s fitness journeys.

Your gym playlist would include what type of music?

😂 Well to be honest, it would be a massive mixture. It could vary from Hip-hop or R&B, to the Disney album (I’m a child at heart) I love anything soppy.

One fun fact about yourself?

A fun fact about me. I feel so boring I actually can’t think.. 😂 As a kid I was the karaoke queen ‘dancing queen-ABBA. ‘Whole again’ Atomic kitten. being my best songs haha..

What’s your favourite film?

Dirty dancing. No doubt about it, anything cute and to do with romance is right up my street, especially being based around dance. However, Billy Elliot was the film I watched at the age of four and made me feel the need start Ballet right away. So I suppose that isn’t too far behind either!

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